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Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
a cuadras del vaticano entrÓ a su tienda el entonces, cardenal joseph ratzinger. >>> hacia reparaciones en los zapatos actuaba como cualquier cliente, arellano notÓ algo especial en Él. es una persona intelectual, una persona muy tranquila. de pocas palabras. Él dÍa que se convirtiÓ en benedicto xvi no volviÓ a venir. pero arellano fue a verlo a vaticano para llevarle de regalo un par de zapatos rojos. >>> me sentÍa avergonzado, porque fui ahÍ, y habia tanta gente, habÍa tantas personas de clase. >>> para su sorpresa el papa benedicto lo reconociÓ de inmediato. >>> volteÓ atrÁs, estan todos y nuestro zapatero, dijo y fue maravilloso, no me voy a olvidar. >>> en su pontificado, arellano le hizo 3 pares de zapatos y unas pantuflas, es forth nauert de trabajar para Él su sastre le confecci confecciÍ so tans tan sotanas de cardenal y luego de papa. >>> al conocer levy que era una persona simpÁtica ahora en adelante utilizara el papa emÉrito. en cuanto a su calzado utilizara lo que regalaron zapateros de leÓn guanajuato en su Última visita. >>> la buena gente de mÉxico le ha
Feb 27, 2013 1:00am PST
how i felt seeing joseph ratzinger come out on the logia of st. peter's, who i had known at that point for some 17 years, how did i feel about him becoming pope? i said i felt desperately sorry for him because the job is, in one sense, an impossible one, but i was also glad for him because the world was finally going to see the joseph ratzinger i knew, not the cartoon of him that had been spread over the past 20 years. i think that's part of what's reflected in this crowd today. benedict xvi has been the greatest papal preacher in almost 1,400 years, since pope gregory the great. he's a marvelous catechist, a teacher of christian truth. he distills extraordinary learning into simple, elegant phrases that communicate with people all over the world. so there's a somewhat bittersweet sense this may be the last time the world gets to hear this remarkable personality lay out the truth of christian faith as he's been given to understand it, but i'm also having a sense of gratitude that we had eight years to learn from a master teacher, and i think the world's begun to recognize that that's e
Feb 27, 2013 2:00am PST
it before. one was the american cardinal and joseph ratzinger you may have heard of who became benedict xvi. this time you have 50 conclave veterans in the sistine chapel, and i think therefore will be more inclined to think they ought to have say in what's happening. >> and i believe some 67 who have been elevated to cardinal by benedict xvi. >> that's right. all 115 were appointed by john paul or benedict. >> so as catholics around the world look to the possible direction the church might take, and in america we know there's a big wing of the roman catholics who is looking for a more progressive, more modern catholic church, that addresses the real issues of living in today's 21st century world, other parts of the word are much more traditional, much more conservative model. how do you see it going forward and to you think there will be an american pope for the first time? >> an american pope is a long shot, but for the first time it's thinkable. in the old idea you couldn't have a super power pope because america is too powerful and if you put that guy in, half the world will think vatic
Feb 27, 2013 7:00am PST
wrote about her friend when he was just cardinal joseph ratzinger. >> john paul ii was much more vigorous. when he wanted something, he was really now! joseph ratzinger is not now, but is trying to convince -- maybe try to convince to make these people reasoning in a certain way, but he didn't succeed. >> reporter: even the most faithful say his legacy will be m mixed with great accolades for his teachings and writings but criticism for some of his leadership. >> success is hard to say. it's not that there's been highs and lows but issues to deal with that have been very serious. >> reporter: the abuse of children by priests has driven people away from the church. >> i think there are all kinds of rules and regulations that have been set up to protect children more so that this does not happen again. >> reporter: the growing consensus is that the next pope must be a strong manager, able to take on the challenges and reign in a dysfunction al. able to lead this institution and charisma never hurt. >> i hope he will be a man with a vision and can move forward. say to the crowd i lo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4